Art & Craft Gifts

Like other Indian festivals, gifts play a vital role in Rakhi too. Therefore, selecting perfect gift for the siblings is a hard task. Visiting markets, hopping from one shop to another and then buying gifts, the whole process involves a hectic job. In order to avoid such situation, you can prepare handmade gifts for your siblings at home. These activities will surely enhance your creative skill. Nothing will be more precious than a gift made by your own hand.

Here is a list of items that you can comfortably make at home.

1. Paintings - If you are good at drawing then you can draw beautiful paintings. Later, you can laminate the painting and gift it to your brother or sister on Rakhi. He/she can use this painting to decorate his/her home. Your dear one will be amazed to receive a beautiful painting as Rakhi gift made by your own hand.

2. Door Hanging - On Rakhi, people usually decorate their homes with attractive decoratives. Door hanging is a popular one, that is used for decorating the entrance of the home. Hence, you can make beautiful door hanging for your siblings. Colorful cloth, threads, beads and sequins are used in making door hanging. You can even use attractive ‘latkans’ to make the hanging look stunning.

3. Chocolate, Dry Fruit or Sweet Box - On Rakhi, if you are thinking to send chocolates, sweets or dry fruits then you can place them in a handmade box. For a handmade box, you need to collect any type of box. Cover it with colorful velvet or glaze papers and deck it with sequins, glitter and beads. Inside the box place the food items that you want to gift. On Rakhi, present this box to your loved one.

4. Pen stand - You can gift a pen to your brother or sister with a beautiful handmade pen stand on Rakhi. To make pen stand, you need a dabbi (container) any shape. Cover it with vibrant glaze or velvet papers. You can decorate it further with colorful beads, sequins and glitter. Your dear one can place this on table. Moreover, the gift will be of great use to your dear one as he/she can place various stationeries inside it.

5. Album - This will be one of the most amazing handmade Rakhi gifts for your siblings. Prepare an album and make it even more impressing by adding colors, pictures of Rakhi celebration in past years and few thoughtful messages. Your dear one can read this album at any time and recollect the past memories.

Along with these, you can even make handmade Rakhi thali, Rakhi thread and Rakhi greeting card for your loved ones on Raksha Bandhan.