How to make Rakhi ?

The relationship between brother and sister is one of the most purest relationships. They play, love, care, share, fight and quarrel together. These activities keep the spirit of this sweet relationship strong and active till the old age. Here is where the charm of the relationship lies. The beauty of this relationship is heightened on Raksha Bandhan festival, a Hindu festival celebrated in India. Siblings celebrate this festival with great fervor. Brothers who stay abroad try to be with their dear sisters on this festival. Everyone starts preparing for this festival in their own ways. Sister hops from one shop to another and search beautiful Rakhi threads for her brother. Like sister, brother also starts shopping for his sister. He tries to find out the best gift that will impress her sister at first glance.

If you can create something by your own hand, it will definitely impress anyone whether he is your brother, father, friend or any other dear one. Hence, on this Rakhi you can create beautiful handmade Rakhis for your brother. Here are some tips that you can apply while making Rakhi for your brother.

Floral Shaped Handmade Rakhi

Materials needed
1 Chart Paper
2 to 3 Glaze Papers ( any colors)
Colorful Beads (floral shaped)
Satin thread (the color of the threads should match the gloss paper that you select)


1. At first, cut the chart paper in round shape. (or any other shapes, as you want)
2. If you cut the chart paper in round shape then the shape of the glaze paper will also be the same. The first glaze paper that you cut ,must match the size of the chart paper. The second glaze paper that you cut, its size will be smaller than the first one. The third one (means the third colored glaze paper) will be the smallest of all.
3. Now paste the first big size round shaped glaze paper on the chart paper. After that, you paste other two round shaped glaze papers. (The arrangement of the glaze paper must be from big to small)
4. Now paste a floral shaped bead at the center.
5. Deck the edges with glitters.
6. Paste the silk threads or satin ribbons on both the sides of the Rakhi.

Handmade Floral Rakhi is ready.

Handmade Swastik Rakhi

Materials needed
1 Yellow Colored Chart Paper
1 Yellow colored Glaze Paper
1 Red Sketch Pen
Golden Glitters
1 Red Satin Ribbon


1. Cut the chart paper like the symbol of Swastika. You can even draw the symbol and cut it accordingly.
2. Now cut a piece of glaze paper and paste it on Swastika (made out of chart paper).
3. When the gum dries up, cut the it according to the shape of the chart paper Swastika.
4. Color the border of the Swastika with red sketch pen.
5. You can deck it further with golden glitters.
6. Swastik forms the base of the Rakhi. Paste red colored satin ribbon on both the sides of the Rakhi.

Your Swastik Rakhi is ready.

Satin Floral Handmade Rakhi

Materials needed
4 to 5 Satin ribbons ( different colors)
Thread ( color of the thread should match the color of the satin ribbons)


1. At first you need to make the flowers with the satin ribbons. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

a) Cut the ribbon to about 20 cm.
b) Fold the satin ribbon over itself to form a corner.
c) Now, fold the bottom strand of satin ribbon over the central fold.
d) You have to continue folding each bottom strand over the central folds until stack of squares are formed.
e) Hold the two loose ribbon ends together between your index finger and thumb.
f) Hold the lower ends of the ribbon tightly and pull one of the loose ends of ribbon.
g) Satin Ribbon Rose is ready.
h) Tie the lower ends of the ribbons with the thread.
i) Don’t cut the excessive ribbon.

2. Use this process for making satin ribbon roses. When 5 different colored roses are made, hold the lower end of all the flowers and tie them with a thread. This forms the Rakhi. It looks like a bouquet of flowers.

3. The excessive ribbons that are left behind will definitely help you to tie the Rakhi (that looks like a flower bouquet)  on your brother’s wrist.

Satin Floral Rakhi is ready

Beads Bracelet Rakhi

Materials needed
Colorful Beads in different shapes
2 Colorful Satin Threads
Sparkle Tube


1. Cut the two satin threads to 15 cm
2. Hold the two threads together and put the colorful beads (shape of the beads can be flower, leaf, swastik etc) 5 to 6 inside the threads.
3. Tie a knot on both the side of the threads so that the beads do not come out.
4. You can embellish it with sparkling glitters. This will make the Rakhi look vibrant.
5. Tie the bead Rakhi on your brother’s hand with the help of excessive thread that are left behind.

Fresh Flower Rakhi

You need to make this Rakhi on the day of the festival and not before.
Materials needed
1 Big and Fresh Sunflower/Gerbera/Rose/Carnation
2 Satin Threads
Needle with a big eye and scissor


1.Get a fresh flower.
2. Put the satin threads in the eye of the needle. Continue to pull thread down the length as much you want, cut it and put a knot at the end.
3. Now hold the flower and put the needle horizontally and not vertically inside the green part (known as pedicel) of the flower.
4. Remove the needle by cutting it with a scissor.Check the thread is equally distributed on both the sides of the flower.
5. On the day of Rakhi tie it on your dear brother’s hand.

These are some of the unique methods of making Rakhi. You can use these ideas of making Rakhi thread for your brother on Rakhi 2019. Rakhi made by your own hand will definitely convey your love and affection towards your brother. Moreover, it will make your bond with your brother stronger.