Rakhi Cakes

Cakes are usually sent on any special occasion and festival such as birthday, Christmas, wedding and so on. Sending cakes as gifts has become quite popular these days due to impact of western culture. People gift cakes on various festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Easter and so on. Thus, gifting a cake on Rakhi will definitely be a fantastic idea. It will be appreciated by those who have sweet tooth. Hence, you can make Rakhi celebration joyful by sending a palatable cake to your dear siblings. Some of the common cakes that you can avail are as follows:-

  • Cup Cakes

    Cup cakes are usually small in size especially designed to serve single person. These cakes come in small butter papers or aluminium cups. Frosting and other decorations make these cupcakes look even more delicious. You can opt for a set of cup cakes for your dear siblings. They will enjoy having tasty cupcakes on Rakhi.

  • Fruit Cake

    This cake taste delicious as they are made of chopped dried fruits, spices and nuts. These akes are usually served during wedding or Christmas. Hence, you can add special delight to Rakhi celebration by sending fruit cake to your dear siblings.

  • Black Forest Cake

    This cake tastes different from other cakes. It comes with number of chocolate cake layers. Each layer is whipped with fresh cream and cherries. The cake is further garnished with chocolate chips or shavings, whipped cream and maraschino cherries. On this Rakhi, you can give a surprise treat to your loved ones by sending a delectable Black Forest cake.

  • Chocolate Cake

    There is hardly any individual who is not fond of chocolate cake. As the name suggest, the cake comes in chocolate favour and whipped with fresh cream and chocolate pieces. The mouth-watering taste of this cake will definitely mesmerize anyone on Rakhi.

  • Pineapple Cake

    If your dear one is fond of pineapple cake then you can charm your dear siblings by sending delicious pineapple cake. The presence of crushed pineapple makes the cake taste yummy.

  • Butter cake

    This palatable cake is made of butter, sugar, flour and baking soda. Often these cakes are coated with chocolate chips or dry fruits. The presence of this butter cake will definitely delight your taste buds on Rakhi.

  • Carrot cake

    This cake contains carrot which gives a carrot flavor. This cake comes in shape of a loaf, cupcake or sheet cake. It is topped with cream cheese icing or white icing with small pieces of walnuts. Moreover, you will avail these cakes even in several layers. Hence, you can send this cake and make Rakhi treat even more special.

  • Cheese Cake

    The topping of this cake is made of fresh and soft cheese, sweetened with sugar and topped with nuts, dry fruits, chocolate sauce or chips. Popular flavors of cheesecake available are strawberry, toffee and lemon. Hence, you can opt for this delectable cheesecake as Rakhi gift for your siblings.

  • Sponge cake

    This cakes look simple but taste awesome. Foam or batter method is used to make this cake. Flour, baking powder and sugar are key ingredients of this cake. This cake is popular mostly in European nations. You can try this cake on Rakhi 2019.

  • Vanilla Cake

    Vanilla cake is similar to sponge cake. The only difference is it comes with vanilla flavor. You can opt for this delicious cake for those who are fond of vanilla flavor on Rakhi.

  • Apple cake

    The main ingredient of this cake is apple. The plain base of a cake is baked with sweet fruit, dry fruits and various other spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. This gives a unique flavor to the cake.

Therefore, make Rakhi celebration memorable by sending mouth-watering cakes to your dear ones. They will definitely feel special to receive such scrumptious cake on Rakhi.