Rakhi Crafts

As the Hindu month of Shravan approaches, every sibling starts preparing for the grand festival of Raksha Bandhan. On the day of the festival, siblings get up early in the morning, take a bath and perform the Rakhi ceremony with pomp and gaiety. The tradition of exchanging gifts also goes side by side. Though variety of Rakhi gifts are available in the market, the joy of making gifts by one’s own hand is something different. A gift made by your own hand will surely convey how much you love and care him/her. Some popular ideas of Rakhi crafts apart from Rakhi thread and Rakhi thali that you can make at home are mentioned below. You can execute these crafts easily at home without much effort.

How to make paper flower?

Instead of gifting real flower bouquet, you can make beautiful paper flower bouquet. For this you need colorful glaze papers, glue, scissor, stem wire and floral tape. These artificial flowers look real and they will never wither with time like real flowers. You can place the bunch of colorful flower in a flower vase.

Cut the glaze papers in round shape. With pencil draw petals on the round shaped paper and cut it accordingly.
Now hold the lower edge of the petals, put a stem wire in middle of the petal and tie them together with a floral tape.
Paper Flowers are read.

How to make flower vase?

You need to collect any container that you don’t use, it can be a paper box, empty talcum powder container or any plastic container.
Cover it with colorful glaze or velvet papers.
You can deck the edge with satin ribbon or zari. You can even use glitters, sequins to decorate the vase.

How to make wall hanging?

For making wall hanging, you need cardboard, colorful cloth, fabric, lace, glue and scissor.
Cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape. Cover it with the cloth. Instead of cloth, you can also use colorful glaze or velvet paper.
Now cut rectangular shaped paper or cloth. Put glue on the edge of the rectangular shaped paper and paste it on the cardboard. Paste it in such a way that it looks like pocket.

You can write ‘Happy Rakhi’ on the wall hanging with glitters and sequins. You can even paste images of Rakhi, highlighting the theme of the festival.

Deck the edge of the wall hanging with colorful lace.

Half fold the lace and paste it at the back of wall hanging. This is used to hang the wall hanging.

How to Make Jewellery Box ?

This is a perfect Rakhi gift for your sister. A shoe box or saree box, colorful glaze paper or velvet paper, ribbons, zari, sequins & glitters, scissor and glue are need to make the jewellery box.

Cover the box with glaze or velvet paper. Deck the edge of the box with sequins and beads. You can even cut colorful glaze papers in unique shapes and paste them on the box.

Place some attractive jewelleries inside the box and gift it to your loved ones.

How to make Rakhi Greeting Cards?

Rakhi greeting card will be the best way through which you can convey warm Rakhi wishes to your dear siblings.
To make an impressive greeting card you need to have a chart paper (any color), glaze or velvet paper, paints, color pencils, sketch pens, glitters, zari, sequins, glue and scissor.

Cut the chart paper in rectangular shape. (Size as you desire)
With a red sketch pen write a warm Rakhi message inside the card.
Decorate the front portion of the card as you want. You can use glaze papers and cut flower patterns and paste them on the four corners of the card. You can even deck the four sides of the card with glitters or zari.
You can draw or paste Rakhi images on the front part of the card.
Greeting card is ready.

How to make Glass Painting?

What you need for a glass painting - a piece of transparent glass, glass colors and sketchbooks.

Select a beautiful  image from the sketchbook. Place the transparent glass piece above the image.
Now use the black marker (that comes in the glass color box) and draw the image on the glass accordingly.
Use different colors for coloring.

How to make Sand Painting?

If your sibling loves painting then you can enthrall him/her by sending a beautiful sand painting.

Fine sand, fabric, fevicol,pencil, cardboard, cellophane paper and thick cotton cloth are the materials required for making a sand painting.

Cover the cardboard with thick cotton cloth (black will be preferred most).
Draw a beautiful scenery on the board with white pencil.
Now put fevicol on the scenery and pour sand on it. After half an hour, hold up the painting, the sand will fall (which are not pasted).
You will get a clear sand picture.
After one hour color the sand. Cover it with cellophane paper.

How to make Collage?

Chart papers, cellophane papers, small pictures of Rakhi celebration, scissor and glue.

Avail a big size chart paper (any color).
Cut Rakhi celebration photos (past celebration photos from childhood) into small sizes.
Paste them.
A collage is ready.