Types of Rakhi

Rakhi thread plays an indispensable role in the Raksha Bandhan festival. This festival is celebrated by siblings with great joy and zest. Brothers and sisters eagerly wait for this great event throughout the year. On the day of the festival, sister ties a Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist. The thread is a sacred one that protects her brother from any difficult situation. Hence, as the day of the festival approaches, sisters start buying variety of Rakhi threads for their brothers.

In the early times, Rakhi threads usually had traditional looks like dora or kalawa. These days, you will hardly get these traditional Rakhis. Rather, you will avail wide variety of Rakhis in various shapes and designs, perfectly reflecting the blend of modern and traditional trends. Hence, some of the popular Rakhis available in the market are as follows:-

Rakhis for Brother or Bhaiya

  • 1. Floral Rakhi - This type of Rakhi is very popular. The base of the Rakhi comes in the shape of flower. It is intricately decked with glitters, sequins and artistic threadworks.

  • 2. Satin Ribbon Rakhi - These Rakhis come with colorful and soft satin ribbon. Their base is decked with beautiful small plastic leaves, flowers, beads, bright stones and glitters. Often zari and resham is used to make the Rakhi look stunning.

  • 3. Zari Rakhi - As the name suggests, these Rakhis are usually embellished with vibrant zari works. Golden and silver zaris are mostly used. The beauty of these Rakhis are further amplified with sequins, beads, stones and glitter works.

  • 4. Zardosi Rakhi - If you want to send gorgeous Rakhi to your brother then you can opt for Zardosi Rakhi. These Rakhis are intricately embellished with wire designs, fabric and silk threads. Use of golden colored wire along with various other metals make the Rakhis look attractive. Buy Now »

  • 5.Sandalwood Rakhi - This Rakhi is also known as Chandan Rakhi. Sandal wood frames the base of the Rakhi. Sandalwood is used in form of beads, holy symbols such as ‘OM’, ‘Swastik’ or other designs. These Rakhis look ethnic and artistic.

  • 6. Rudraksha Rakhi - According to Indian tradition, Rudraksha is considered as the divine and auspicious object on earth. It protects the wearer from any negative powers. Taking this into consideration, Rakhi makers have created Rudraksha Rakhis. The core attraction of these Rakhis is the Rudraksha. Some Rudraksha Rakhis also include colorful beads and stones. Buy Now »

  • 7. Beads Rakhi - These Rakhis look simple as they are decked with colorful beads. The beads come in unique shapes such as round, rectangle, square, leaf, Swastik, Om, flower and so on.

  • 8. Bracelet Rakhi - This Rakhi is quite popular amongst young boys. This Rakhi comes in the shape of chain with hook or clip at the end. These Rakhis are usually made of metal such as silver, brass and gold. Brothers can wear these Rakhis as bracelets with traditional outfits on any festival. Buy Now »

  • 9. Stone Rakhi/Precious Stone Rakhi - These Rakhis are usually made of colorful stones. Sparkling stones make the Rakhis look stunning.

    Precious stone Rakhis come with precious and semi-precious stones such as Topaz, Emerald, Opal, Ruby and so on. These precious stones are used with silver or gold. Some of these precious stone Rakhis come with Kundan designs. The wearer can use such type of Rakhi as a jewellery piece. Buy Now »

  • 10. Diamond Rakhi - Diamonds are the most precious stones. Thus, by gifting a diamond Rakhi will make the festival even more special. Diamond Rakhis come with diamonds in various shapes and sizes. Metallic chains accompany the diamonds. Some Rakhis are also made of American diamonds.

  • 11. Gold Rakhi - Gold is considered as the symbol of elegance and royalty. Thus, gifting a gold Rakhi will definitely impress your brother. Gold Rakhi comes in various designs. Some of the popular designs are.

    Gold coin Rakhi - A gold coin frames the base of the Rakhi. Holy symbols of ‘Om’, ‘Swastik’ are encrypted on the coins. Sometimes, holy images of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi etc are also engraved on the coins.

    Gold Bracelet Rakhi - Rakhi comes in the shape of gold bracelet. It is further decorated with precious stones.

    Gold Chain Rakhi - It is simple chain Rakhi, exquisitely crafted in gold. Beautiful motifs and designs enhance the beauty of the Rakhi. The chains are tied together with a hook.

  • 12. Silver Rakhi - Silver Rakhis are similar to Gold Rakhis. The only difference - silver Rakhis are ornamented with silver while the gold ones are ornamented with gold. Silver Rakhis come in similar shapes that of Gold Rakhis.

  • 13. Pearl Rakhi - A pearl is a symbol of unblemished perfection. Hence, a Rakhi made of pearl will definitely make a memorable gift. Pearl Rakhis are usually decked with attractive pearls. The size of the pearls vary according to the design of the Rakhi. You will get pearl Rakhis in various designs such as flower, chain, bracelet etc. Buy Now »

Kids Rakhi

  • 1. Cartoon Rakhi - These Rakhis are specially crafted for kid brother. Here, the Rakhis come with cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds, ZooZoo, Spiderman, Bal Gopal and so on. Satin ribbons make the threads of the Rakhis. Buy Now »

  • 2. Musical Rakhi - These Rakhis are in great demand amongst the kids. These Rakhis play a kind of music that can be unique, melodious or animal voice. A stuffed toy is placed at the center of the Rakhi, when it is pressed, you can hear the music.

  • 3. Toy Rakhi - These Rakhis come with cute small toys such as Angry Bird, clown, mobile and so on. These toys usually have small light and music buttons. When they are pressed, you can hear the music and see the light.

Rakhi for Bhabhi (sister-in-law)

Lumba Rakhi - This Rakhi is worn by bhabhi. The shape of this Rakhi is different from other Rakhis. It is tied on the wrist like a pendant. The top part of the Lumba comes in conical shape. Beautiful ‘latkhans’ hang, making it look stunning. The Lumba is artistically embellished with zari, stone, sequins as well as zardosi work. Buy Now »